Training for Life Foundation contributes to a reduction in maternal and perinatal mortality through multidisciplinary team training of nurses, midwives, residents, and gynaecologists in simulation-based education.



  • New Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Oeganda
    • The Mulago Hospital in Uganda is a university teaching hospital from where trained residents will spread out over the whole country after becoming a gynaecologist. In other words, in future, the knowledge and skills gained by the simulation-based training program will also end up in other hospitals and rural clinics.
    • 2014: Invitation of the gynaecology and obstetrics department of the Mulago Hospital, with the desire to strengthen the continuous improvement of the quality of obstetric care.
      • Donation of manikins “mama and baby Noella”, high-fidelity birthing simulators.
      • Train-the-trainers program in the New Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. A group of Dutch obstetricians and communication trained Ugandan gynaecologists to become skilled trainers in simulation-based education.
    • 2015-2016: Local trainers trained all residents in obstetric emergencies situations.
      • The training focused on technical and communication skills during a full day of simulation-based education.
      • After the main training tmonthly repetition trainings were organized to continue improving the learned skills.
      • A one-day refreshing training of the Train-the-trainers program was provided to the trained Ugandan gynaecologists.
    • 2017-2018 The effect of the training will be evaluated after one year:
      • Satisfaction of the trainees
      • knowledge and skills acquired by the trainees
      • the implementation of learned skills in daily work;
      • the impact on maternal and child mortality rates.
    • Preparations for multidisciplinary training for the complete medical staff at the obstetric ward (ca. 500 persons).
  • Maternal & Child Hospital, Shijiazhuang, China
    • November 2015: Invitation from Maternal & Child Hospital Shijiazhuang, they wish to initiate training to improve obstetric care.
    • April 2016: Opening of a Training for Life center, with simulation manikins “mama en baby Noella”, high fidelity birthing simulators.
    • April 2016: Train-the-trainers program. A group of Dutch obstetricians and communication trained Chinese gynaecologists, midwives, anestetists, pediatricians and communication experts to become skilled trainers in simulation-based education.
    • 2016: Local trainers will train their collegues in obstetric emergencies situations focused on technical and communication skills.
      • De training consists of 1 full training day.
      • Both medical and communication skills are trained.
    • December 2016: Visit of Training for Life to the center.
  • New projects
      There is much interest in the scientifically sound approach of Training for Life to enhance the quality of birthcare through multiprofessional teamtraining in medical simulation centers. Training for Life Foundation received request for new projects not only in Africa, but also from Asia and South America. All projects are intensively discussed with local healthcare workers, to match the training objectives with the training content.
        If you are interested in any of these programs, you can contact Training for Life Foundation.

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