Training for Life Foundation contributes to a reduction in maternal and perinatal mortality through multidisciplinary team training of nurses, midwives, residents, obstetricians, anesthetists and pediatricians in simulation-based education.


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The project in Uganda cannot do without collaboration, therefore we welcome any kind of contribution. Both practical support and financial contributions can be made to support Training for Life Foundation, you can help us by:

  • a single financial donation;
  • a periodic contribution using this authorization form;
  • include Training for Life foundation in your legacy;
  • provide your services for Training for Life.
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Training for Life foundation has an “Public Benefit Organisation” status, in Dutch ‘Algemeen Nut benodigde Instelling’ (ANBI) status, which means that we are registered with the Dutch tax authorities as an institution in which 90% of our benefits are focused on the general goods. The ANBI status gives us the advantage of being exempted from Dutch taxes.